Picross creation


Each time you create a new picross, when he is accepted by a moderator, you earn five creation points, if you have chosen the good theme for your picross, you earn one more point, for a cool title, you earn two more points, if you implement a good icon, you earn two more points (using a photo is suitable, the icon can be rejected by the moderator). You earn one more point if your picross become public (playable by unregistered visitor).

Finally, you have a notation on five points by people who solved your picross, the average is added to your score. Thank you for your participation.

How to create a picross?

At first, you must have an account on Picross-time.net (it's free of charge), and be connected. You can open an account in the registration page.

1 : Enter the title here, be creative if the subject lends itself to it ! For exemple, if you draw a ghost, don't enter just 'Ghost', but 'The ghost who say booo !' or 'Ghost is lost in a castle ...'.

2 : The main theme, choose the good one, if your subject can't be enter in one of them, the moderator will be created one for you.

3 : The secondary theme, choose the good one to.

4 : If there are no second theme for your subject, propose one !

5 : Click here to load a file to add an icon for your picross. When it is done, you have a thumbnail of the icon at this place.

6 : When your picross is finished, send it ! You will have a confirmation message.

7 : it is your picross viewer.

8 : it is the picross itself, click in a box to blacken it, click again to delete it.

a b c d e : Those arrows add columns and rows, exclude the 'e' arrow which reduces the picross to its minimum.

1 : The content of the futur icon, clic on it to drag it.

2 : Click on this arrow to reduce or increase the content of the icon.

3 : To choose a new file.

4 : To close the window.

5 : To delete the current icon.